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Kefir Flatbreads

I always seem to have too much kefir, and never enough when I actually want to use it for my breakfast! If, like me, you seem to be making a lot of kefir for it to go too sour for your taste, don’t be fooled into throwing it away. That really upset me at first, when I didn’t understand my grains and fermenting. But I have now solved my kefir overflow problem – flat breads.

These are so easy to make, and taste so delicious you would never know they were made with what something that people would consider throwing away.

While I’ve had a few people scrunch their noses at me when I say I use old kefir to make these, they haven’t tried them and I’m 100% sure they would change their minds as soon as they tasted them.

When kefir goes too far and splits, you get the creamy part at the top and a yellowish clear liquid at the bottom. For me this is fermented too much for me to have in my cereal as is, and rather than waste it, I carefully tip off the clear liquid by holding a spoon to the solid top part and tilting my container. Once I’ve managed to get rid of as much as I dare, I strain the top part of the kefir off through a sieve into a container, take what I want for my breakfast, and leave the rest in the fridge. The kefir grains are then return to their normal cycle of fresh milk and left on the counter.

Once I have saved up a few day’s worth of kefir leftovers, I’m ready to make my probiotic loaded flatbreads. You can scale this recipe up or down depending on how much kefir you have, and how many flatbreads you want to make. These taste best fresh out of the pan, so I would only make as many as you can comfortably eat. Simply top them with your favourite sweet or savoury toppings and enjoy. Personally I love some garlic butter melted over the top as they come out fresh from the pan.

Using wholemeal flour is a great way to increase your fibre intake. If you don’t have wholemeal flour, you can use all self raising flour, but halve the baking powder. Or use other flours such as spelt or rye to help increase fibre diversity.

Makes 3 flatbreads


  • 130g kefir, slightly strained
  • 80g self-raising flour
  • 100g wholemeal flour, plus extra for rolling
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 garlic clove, crushed
  • 10g butter


  • Mix all the dry ingredients together, then add the kefir. If the mixture is too sticky add a little more flour.
  • Knead for a few minutes till soft and smooth.
  • Roll out using a little flour to stop it sticking, to the thickness of a pound coin.
  • Cook in a dry pan or griddle over a medium heat for 2-3 minutes per side.
  • Meanwhile, gently heat the garlic and butter together till melted and the garlic fragrant.
  • Remove from the pan, and brush with garlic butter while hot to allow the flavorous to melt into the bread.

Per flatbread: 332kcal/ 5.2g fat/ 2.8g saturated fat/ 43.6g carbohydrates/ 4.7g fibre/ 7.4g protein

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