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Radicchio and Burrata Salad

I had a very similar salad in a restaurant recently for a friend’s birthday. I thought I could recreate it, with a slight nutritional twist whereby each serving provides you with an actual portion of salad! It’s just as delicious as the restaurant, but knowing it’s providing that little bit of extra nutrition makes me forgive the fact that I’m …

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BNF’s Health Eating Week Summer Quinoa Salad

It’s the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week and there are a few key health messages set out for this week: Here’s my super easy Summer Quinoa Salad recipe which incorporates all of these concepts in one dish. Serves 4 as a main Ingredients Method Per serving: 530kcal/ 29g fat/ 4.4g saturated fat/ 44g carbohydrates/ 11g fibre/16g protein

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