Hello world!

Hello everyone!

Introducing myself, Dr. Pippa Gibson, a qualified registered nutritionist working in industry to help educate children on the importance of nutrition. I have held several research roles in the past, including positions at The University of Surrey and King’s College London where I conducted human clinical trials looking into the effects of specific foods and nutrients on health outcomes.

This site will be devoted to my love for food and nutrition, providing you with evidence-based nutritious advice and healthy recipes based on these scientific findings.

You’ll find me happiest in the kitchen, with a cup of tea, lovingly transforming ingredients into dishes with my dog at my feet.

I hope cooking puts a smile on your faces too!

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  1. Bea

    Hi Pippa,

    I hope you are well.

    Rhiannon and I are delighted to be getting in touch to invite you on the forthcoming fifteenth season of Food For Thought. While we are open to your own suggestions we would love to explore an episode about fibre.

    As you may know, Food For Thought is a podcast on a mission to equip listeners with all the evidence-based advice they need to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the highest listened to health podcasts in the UK and has previously featured high-profile celebrities including Gary Barlow, Fearne Cotton and Lisa Snowdon, as well as some of the most revered health and science professionals.

    Please do let me know if you would be interested to come on Food For Thought and if we could organise a time in January for this episode to be recorded in our Soho Studio.

    If you have any questions do let me know and look forward to hearing from you.


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