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Wild Garlic Pesto

Could wild garlic be a low FODMAP alternative to garlic? A 2019 paper investigated the fructan content of wild garlic and other herbs commonly used in Bulgaria. From their analysis, the authors found that the total fructans (FODMAPs) were lower in wild garlic in comparison to chives (2.2g vs 5.7g per 100g dried weight). Interestingly, people following low FODMAP diets …

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Can we “boost” our immune response through the diet?

Perhaps an important question given the current circumstances. In short, no. The immune system is a very complex topic, with many different defence mechanisms. In order to support a normal functioning immune system, we should already be having a healthy and varied diet encompassing a wide variety of foods. We should be including fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, healthy fats and lean …

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