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Fluids and Hydration

Hydration is an important factor of health, with over half of our bodies being made up of water. Staying hydrated is key for maintaining essential bodily functions, but what counts towards our fluid intake?


Water obviously counts towards your fluid intake, but so do sparkling waters and flavoured waters. Watch out for those which have added sugars, and be cautious with fizzy drinks which may be acidic and damage your teeth with continuous repeated exposure.

Milk-based drinks

Milk and milk-based drinks count towards your fluid intakes, including the milk you may pop on your cereal or use to make your porridge.

Fruit Juices and Smoothies

These also count towards your fluid intakes, but as they can be high in free sugars you should try to limit to a maximum of 150ml per day.

Caffeinated beverages

Yes, your teas and coffees can count towards your fluid intakes, hurrah! But try to stick to moderate amounts (no more than 400mg caffeine per day, or 200mg if you are pregnant).

Foods with high water content

Yes, your foods can count towards your fluid intakes too. Many fruits and vegetables contain a high percentage of water and can be equally refreshing to eat on a hot day as it is to drink a glass of water. These fruits and vegetables can also be a great way of keeping young children hydrated as they can’t recognise the feeling of thirst.

Other foods that count towards hydration include yoghurts, soups and stews, jelly and ice creams and lollies.

Here are a few of my favourite hydrating recipes:

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