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Beetroot, Parsnip and Horseradish Soup

Seasonal root vegetables make a simple, but super tasty soup which packs a punch. Fresh horseradish is super pungent and will got “straight up your nose”. I suggest starting with half the amount of fresh horseradish and tasting before adding more. Once you find the level you’re happy with you can stop. However, if you accidentally over do it, add …

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Light Bites & Snacks Main Meals Recipes

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Spinach and Almond Pesto

Seasonal Jerusalem artichokes fresh from the allotment. These little beauties are packed full of a prebiotic called inulin. Prebiotics are types of carbohydrates which our body is unable to digest, so it passes through the digestive tracts which feeds our gut bacteria. If you have a meal full of prebiotics you may feel a little bloated or gassy after, but …

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